Race day map.
Interactive maps for your endurance race.

Race Day Map is interactive maps for all kinds of races. With a tailor-made map you can help your participants make the perfect race. Show an interactive elevation graph, highlight important spots along the track, and help your participants before and after the race. The maps are easy to embed on your existing website, and can be tailored to your needs.

Answers the participants questions

With an interactive map, you can make your participants feel prepared for the race by answering questions such as:

  • What does the track look like?
  • Where can I drink water?
  • Where are the steepest hills?
  • What entertainment stations exists along the track?
  • Where can i find bibs/jacket drop-off/Expo/start groups?

Maps for everyone

The maps can be of use for others than the participants:

  • The audience can find good watching spots along the track.
  • Residents can find out which streets are cordoned off, and between what times.
  • For volunteers, you can show additional layers in the map to facilitate the organization of the race.
The maps have a responsive design and look great on mobile phones as well as on big screens.


Here's a sample map, from the Swedish cross-country skiing race Lofsdalen Epic. For more examples, click the race logos above.

I'm Anders Wikstrom, the creator of Race Day Map. I love running and I love maps, so making race maps is the perfect combination. I have 10+ years of experience of web development. I'm based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Please contact me, and we can discuss what I can do for your race!